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contributing to a better world by accelerating & enabling clean energy & transport solutions

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In critical times for our world, we are at the heart of providing real solutions in the ecosystem that allow the transition to clean energy solutions, green transportation and smart infrastructures.


We think differently and challenge our systems, with real purpose we will contribute to better ways and have a positive impact on society, the climate and our future.

ELIRE is commercialising critical business concepts to accelerate efforts towards meeting ESG targets. We are leading exciting global special projects for smart hubs infrastructure, the ecosystem to support this, as well as electric aviation.

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In todays fast changing world, we are at the heart of providing smart solutions in infrastructure and ecosystem. We are changing the game, and with purpose we will contribute to a better way of living and have a positive impact on society, the climate and our lives.

ELIRE is a venture group, commercialising smart infrastructure for clean energy transition and clean transportation, globally. We are releasing exciting developments with our own ventures for smart mobility hubs infrastructure and ecosystem and electric aviation among others.

With team members in the UK, Norway, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, US, Canada, Australia our team taps into valuable market and key industry insights from governments, cities, municipalities, harbours, ports and airports.

We are taking a journey on the road less travelled, for the sake of humanity and the climate. We are determined to work along side others to solve the incredible challenges we face.

"Lasting innovation doesn’t happen when you’re scrambling to meet short-term, quarterly targets. It happens when you give yourself and others the freedom to tackle problems whose answers may still be far out over the horizon. By carving out space for weird and creative souls to think a few years out vs. just a few months out, you’ll be allowing them to explore, experiment, take risks, and ultimately pursue more audacious ideas than you ever could have imagined otherwise".

ELIRE AERO LOGO_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia
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Click here to sit our new
dedicated website for ELIRE Infra

ELIRE Aero_hubs_singapore.jpg


Click here to sit our new
dedicated website for ELIRE Aero



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Luke Jenkinson 

Founder & Group CEO

Founder of ELIRE Group and ventures of Infra & Aero, is a serial entrepreneur who has started and scaled global ventures. Luke applies innovation and creative solutions with a commercial mind set to real world challenges and purposes.

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Dr Derek McGlashan

VP Sustainability, Maritime & Energy

Has over a quarter of a century of experience in infrastructure, particularly ports and energy. He has held a number of senior positions in leading and innovative UK Ports, is a Director of Saltire Sustainability Limited and a Non-Executive Director of the Forth Estuary Forum and Cromarty Firth Port Authority. 

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Tom White

Maritime Innovation Advisor

has extensive experience in maritime and innovation over 15 years leading innovation programmes at organisations including Rolls-Royce, Lloyd's Register and the Connected Places Catapult. Tom has led the launch and development of collaborative programmes in themes such as multi-modal hydrogen hubs, predictive digital twins, autonomous maritime systems and smart port energy infrastructure. 

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Rajeev Verma

Group CTO

as current Chief Engineer at Lockheed Martin, he has a demonstrated track record in overseeing cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams in design, transformation, and engineering capacities. Rajeev has experience of working with major players in the global Aerospace and Defence sectors, such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, NATS, and QinetiQ. 

Mo. Ashmawy

UAE - Infra & Aero

has a strong background in engineering, advisory, and engagement and has played a key role in the delivery of transit infrastructure projects around the globe. He has worked with leading companies such as Collins Aerospace and AECOM, where he led the successful delivery of complex aviation programs.

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Liz Axten

VP Brand & Comms

Liz is a senior brand and communications strategist with over 20 years experience activating live and digital campaigns. Specialising in sustainable mobility brands and smart cities, Liz works across key markets to connect game changing innovators with the communities whose lives they enrich. 

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Gerry Egan  

Managing Partner - Aero 

is an innovative and visionary executive with over 20 years’ experience solving large scale and complex problems in the airline, helicopter, aerospace, and MRO industries. He has led the electric aircraft revolution and delivered the world’s first all-electric powered commercial test flight in Dec 2019.

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Paul Thorpe 

Managing Partner - Aero

is a highly experienced global sales, marketing and support leader with 35 years experience in the aviation industry. Paul has been directly responsible for >$260m aircraft sales and >$500m aviation system sales and managed sales teams generating further multiples.

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Farah Hijjawai

VP Investments
has more than 10 years of experience in the financial services sector with a focus on the investment space. She has experience in both private and public sectors, where she worked at the Central Bank of Jordan, the Social Security Investment Fund, Cairo Amman Bank, INVESTBANK Group, and VentureX. 
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Jörg Janning
 -Advanced Tech

is a highly experienced engineering executive and CTO with a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Joerg has successfully development a high speed, high power medium voltage drive and industrial drives with the R&D team at Wolong Electrical. At GE Power Conversion he has led engineering experts teams (200 engineers, $300 Revenue)


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Mark Skrebels

VP - Digital Ecosystem

is a senior leader with 35+ years' experience in successfully delivering multi-site software products and projects in technologies covering high-capacity fibre optic transmission, mobile devices and networks and Cloud-based platforms for major players globally. 

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Phil Nowak.jpg

Phil Nowak

Advisor - Infra & Aero

is an experienced Airline Director with a demonstrated history of working in the aerospace industry. He has strong expertise in supplier management managing more than $300M USD annual expense for GE Aviation, continuous improvement, business development for airlines generating more than $4B USD revenue annually.

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Olga Anapryenka

Advisor - Infra & Aero

is a New Mobility strategist with hands-on experience of understanding the interactions between disruptive technologies and their impact on mobility and social welfare.

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Greg Leather 

VP Corporate Law

is a partner in the Corporate/ Commercial and Dispute Resolution teams at Barringer Leather Lawyers. He advises listed corporations, private companies and individuals from a wide range of industries on all aspects of their corporate, commercial, property and
financing dealings, including debt and capital raisings.

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Brad Fitzgerald

Partner - Venture & Investments 

is a founding partner and Chairman at Swiss Wealth Management, a Swiss-based hedge fund and private equity firm that specialises in Sovereign Wealth funds. Prior to Swiss Wealth Management, Mr. Fitzgerald was Director of IAM, a global equity fund. Prior thereto, he was a senior director of Brunei Investment Agency (BIA)

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