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In todays fast changing world, we are at the heart of providing smart solutions in infrastructure and ecosystem. We are changing the game, and with purpose we will contribute to a better way of living and have a positive impact on society, the climate and our lives.

ELIRE is a venture group, commercialising smart infrastructure for clean energy transition and clean transportation, globally. We are releasing exciting developments with our own ventures for smart mobility hubs infrastructure and ecosystem and electric aviation among others.

With team members in the UK, Norway, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, US, Canada, Australia our team taps into valuable market and key industry insights from governments, cities, municipalities, harbours, ports and airports.

We are taking a journey on the road less travelled, for the sake of humanity and the climate. We are determined to work along side others to solve the incredible challenges we face.

"Lasting innovation doesn’t happen when you’re scrambling to meet short-term, quarterly targets. It happens when you give yourself and others the freedom to tackle problems whose answers may still be far out over the horizon. By carving out space for weird and creative souls to think a few years out vs. just a few months out, you’ll be allowing them to explore, experiment, take risks, and ultimately pursue more audacious ideas than you ever could have imagined otherwise".

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