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Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group partners with future mobility specialist Elire MG

Elire MG has innovative future mobility projects in 2021. The Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Division of Hyundai Motor Group has committed to partnering with these programs.

One of the key programs is to establish a network of urban mobility hubs, where Hyundai UAM will assist to understand the complete ecosystem requirements.

Oslo, Norway, December 15, 2020 – Elire MG has positioned itself to commercialise the world's next innovative future mobility solutions, viewing Norway as the ideal testbed for their innovative programs, including establishing a network of urban mobility hubs, as well as mobile harbour marine ports, electric amphibious aircrafts, and more.

– Future Mobility is fast evolving, and as the world reforms and transforms, we understand the importance of strategic partnerships, quality networks and the ability to adjust business models to a new future, says Luke Jenkinson, Managing Director of Elire MG.

Elire MG’s founding mission is to enable a smart and advanced mobility ecosystem with strategic partners. The purpose of the ecosystem is to realise the projects including the urban mobility hubs, to build a robust environment to then facilitate new forms of sustainable transportation. More specifically this will be achieved through identifying, converting and gearing specific urban and regional locations as mobility hubs in and around cities and suburban areas.

Strategic partnerships are key

Hyundai Motor Group is at the forefront of creating emerging mobility solutions. Earlier this year, the company unveiled its innovative vision for mobility, comprising Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) and Hub, a place for mobility transfer and community activities. It also signalled that strategic partnerships would be of utmost importance to helping develop the UAM ecosystem.

Through our strategic partnerships, we will enable the next revolution of mobility, and we are excited to announce our partnership with the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group. Over the last 6 months we’ve been working closely with Hyundai’s team to look at/identify ways to integrate their resources and expertise into our future mobility projects, with particular focus on the future/urban mobility hubs and harbour marine ports, says Jenkinson.

He adds that the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group will be one of Elire MG’s key partners moving forward, complementing their already strong lineup of both local and international partners. Elire MG’s view on strategic partnerships is also shared by Hyundai.

– We believe it will “take a village” to develop a scalable, seamlessly connected intermodal ecosystem to support advanced air mobility. We are focused on forging meaningful partnerships across the value chain, such as our relationship with Elire MG that will support research and implementation efforts in Norway. In order to bring UAM to life, we believe it is critical to collaborate – from the onset – especially with the communities we aim to serve, says Pamela Cohn, Chief Operating Officer of the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group.


Elire MG have spent the most of 2020 in the global mobility market analysing and researching the trends and demands from air, sea and land mobility. Under the conditions of the pandemic, they have witnessed and taken note of the severe rupture in aviation, to the takeoff of last mile innovations.

Jenkinson says that there is a need for a well-designed environment with infrastructure and advanced digital capabilities allowing for new smart mobility solutions to operate for each region.

– We believe this most definitely can be achieved in the short term by developing an OADE (open autonomous digital ecosystem) supporting advanced technologies in connectivity, autonomy, security, navigation, communication, charging, sharing, booking and payment systems, and other advanced software and data capture, says Jenkinson.

Such ecosystems will serve the purpose of properly preparing Norway for future mobility readiness, and will be geared for testing and R&D while fostering new innovation, new ideas and new concepts.

Here industry companies like vehicle manufacturers, can then test to evolve in a real life environment, to establish how best to provide solutions in moving people, moving goods and for emergency purposes.

Moving around cities, to and from regional locations, has not merely evolved, it's now quickly been changed forever. Urban and regional locations will need to be prepared for new forms of mobility, be it on the ground, in the air or on the water.

Norway - an ideal testbed for future mobility

According to Jenkinson, Norway presents the perfect environment for Elire MG’s programs, with the country’s forward thinking government showing their ability to adapt and establish policy to advance industry.

Norway is already testing autonomous vehicles in local municipalities with international companies. Norway is also considered a green country, leading sustainable goals across Europe with an advanced economy and the ability to invest in green technology, data centres and sustainable solutions.

– With a forward thinking, green government, with cities that are already well advanced in electric mobility, Norway has a strong appetite to decarbonise mobility and invest in zero emission solutions. With Elire MG’s dedication to creating a sustainable future, we believe Norway is the perfect location for bringing our future mobility projects to life, says Jenkinson.

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