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Future Mobility

Dedicated to a sustainable future

Elire MG have positioned to commercialise the world's next innovative future mobility solutions. We are dedicated to a sustainable future.


As the world reforms and transforms, we understand the importance of strategic partnerships, quality networks and the ability to adjust business models to a new future.


With a detailed service for start-up and SME’s to Design, Scale & Prosper, we can deliver a holistic commercial solution from brand, comms and commercial strategy, partnering, growth strategy, raising capital, to business modelling. 


We partner with businesses to realise their potential and then drive to commercialise. We have also launched our own projects and initiatives mentioned in this document. We now seek strategic partners to commercialise.


Future Mobility is fast evolving. Through strategic partnerships, we will assist to enable the next revolution of mobility.


Case - The Global Music Vault

Our mission is to create a safe haven that protects and preserves the most precious and important world music of all time. From irreplaceable indigenous music to modern day artists. Music is part of our heritage and the data is irreplaceable.


Today this data - the music - is created, stored and archived on mediums that are inefficient, harmful to the environment, exposed to irreversible risks like fire and technical errors and have a short and limited lifetime.


The purpose-built digital medium can last for over 1000 years in the Global Music Vault with guaranteed future accessibility

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Case - The Norwegian Sailing Federation

The Norwegian Sailing Federation has engaged

Elire MG on a long term mission to commercialise and position the federation for the future.

That is; to target new audiences, new members while launching innovative programs that reach the deep and rich sailing community in Norway.

The Norwegian Sailing Federation is affiliated to the Norwegian Sports Confederation and the Norwegian Olympic Committee, the Nordic Sailing Federation, the European Sailing Federation (Eurosaf), the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing (IFDS) and the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).


With the bulk of our foundation work carried out in 2020 and during the pandemic, we position the federation in 2021 for new partners, a new brand strategy with communication and marketing platforms. Our goal is to build an environment that attracts top level partners and sponsors.

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