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Developing innovative and smart solutions for the next mobility revolution - air, sea and land.


A Global Challenge

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ELIRE is investing in the next mobility ecosystem, with zero emission and sustainable energy integration solutions. We recognise the need for better, smarter solutions across the mobility sector to make a better world. The world has changed, where leaders are demanding better, and seek different ventures that take us in to a new future of prosperity.

​Through our unique electric aviation and smart mobility infrastructure solutions we are playing a role to decongest cities, decarbonise, save people time and money, while promoting zero emission and green energy solutions.​

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The Ecosystem

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10bill people living in cities by 2040, we must find solutions to move differently and in more sustainable ways. 

The advanced technology for next mobility is  here now and we see this in the hard asssets (land vehciles, aircraft,  & vessels). However the complete ecosystem, including infrastructure, needs to also develop at the same time, and plays in integral role for the integration of these new vehicles and technologies into society in order to be viable transport modes.

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Code Red

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Transport emissions — which primarily involve road, rail, air and marine transportation accounts for over 25% of global CO2 emissions.

Transitioning to zero-emission in mobility for cities is a crucial step toward a livable future. Getting there not only requires embracing new innovation, and new technologies, it requires smart infrastructure,  and evolving the entire ecosystem at the same time. Ecosystem, including smart infrastructure will allow the neccessary integration of technologies and vehicles - air, sea and land.

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